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Photo: Nordic Business Forum

Good strategy creates clarity. What will you achieve for your customers? Why are you better than the competition? How will you do it?

A well-designed management model improves performance from the core. It builds an organisation perfectly equipped to deliver what it promises.

Competent leadership and management professionals who operate in and as a team are the life-giving element in any organisation. 

Management teams all over the world
struggle with similar performance issues
Do you feel...
  • if you’re constantly putting out fires?

  • have no time to think and work strategically?

  • ...frustrated with the flood of conflicting and often simplistic advice from consultants, coaches and b-schools?

Have you experienced...
  • ...strategies looking great on paper but failing to get traction in operations?

  •, AI or agile initiatives that cost a lot of time and money but fail to deliver business results?

  • ...innovation programs that produce walls filled with post-its, but no innovation?

Does your organisation...
  • ...suffer from low engagement?

  • ...struggle with change?

  • ...think in silos and at the expense of collaboration?

  • to put the customer first?

  • ...grow too slowly or not at all?

Say goodbye to complicated intiatives with uncertain outcomes
Get results

We start with defining the business outcomes you need to achieve. And then work to deliver on them. While most consulting engagements focus on activities and deliverables, we'll focus on results.

Be confident

By attacking root causes and applying sound management theory, we’ll design interventions you’ll know will work - and why. So you can be confident you’ll get the results you need.

Invest in your team

In delivering my services, I work closely with your team. Their learning and growth is in integral part of my consulting approach - and part of the value delivered to you.

Photo: Nordic Business Forum

I know how it feels when you want to improve your organisation but don’t know where to start, how to find the time and whether you can trust a consultant’s advice.


As a C-level executive I’ve been in your shoes. And for the past 15 years I’ve worked with countless executives and teams who experience the same. 

As an independent advisor I've had the privilege to serve more than 50 differente clients on four continents in more than 150 engagements. Fortune 500 companies are among them, just as well as SMEs, family-owned businesses and startups.  

I'm an associate of the Global Peter Drucker Forum, which helps me stay on top of the world's best management thinking, but also work with some of the world's leading thinkers personally. I also maintain close ties to Thinkers50, the Nordic Business Forum and the World Agility Forum. I'm also a founding member of the Business Ecosystem Alliance, co-founded by Thinkers50 and the Haier Model Research Institute (HMI).

"Management, if practiced well, is one of the noblest professions"
Clayton Christensen

We depend on good management in all our institutions, not just in business.


You certainly want the best possible management for your organisation. Yet you are likely also frustrated by the lack of results of so many  programs aimed at improving your organisation’s performance. The problem is that most of these programs, often driven by a consulting industry obsessed with selling you their own recipes for success, treat symptoms at best and too often rely on unproven methods.


It’s not a surprise then, that so many of these programs don’t work and the problems persist. Just look at how engagement, innovation, change and long term performance have failed to improve despite the billions paid to consultants, coaches and b-schools. Just consider the evidence below:

1 dismally low. Only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. 85% are not.  


...seems elusive, 75% of newly introduced products and services fail to be commercially successful.

3 mostly unsuccessful. 70% of change and transformation programs fail to achieve their objectives.

4 deteriorating. RoA of US public companies has been on a steady decline since 1965. Today it is down to only 25% of what is was in 1965.


...continues to decline, Average company lifespan on S&P 500 was 32 years in 1965, 24 years in 2016 and is forecast to shrink to 12 years in 2027.   

But we can do better. There is a lot of sound management theory. And when we apply sound theory with a systemic perspective, we no longer treat symptoms, but eliminate root causes. With method and precision. 


I’ve studied the work of the world’s best management thinkers for years. 


Management can be your strongest source of competitive advantage. Let me help you put the best management theory to work in your organisation. Leave fighting fires and relying on luck to your competition. 

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